Writers Wanted

The aim of this site is to deliver provocative and thought-provoking articles about politics, society, sports and other topics in an entertaining, brief format that will engage readers.

To that end, we welcome submissions from prospective writers who are interested in contributing their opinions. Quality content and personality is what we seek. Characteristics such as proficiency in English grammar, clarity, humor, brevity, expression of opinions and love of writing is what we want. Mundane, aimless, generic articles devoid of humor, originality or individuality of the writer is what we don’t want here.

Articles will typically encompass original content of under 500 words. They will usually take the form of ‘opinion news’ i.e., a news item or other published story (with proper attribution of the source) followed by commentary (the writer’s take). Articles may also take the form of an ‘editorial’ or observations about anything interesting. The key is making it a worthwhile read.

Whatever the form, it is imperative that articles be original submission to this site and not a copy-paste or similar content taken from another site, nor a link to a story with little to no accompanying substantive commentary. It is also expected that a writer is able to back up any factual assertions (i.e., ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ will not be tolerated).

For the time being, there are no deadlines or submission requirements per se. Articles can be posted at your leisure.

If you are interested in signing up as a writer/author, submit the following form and be sure to include your screen name, area of interest for writing and email or other form of contact.

3 thoughts on “Writers Wanted”

  1. “Opinion news”…Seems to me that phrase is an oxymoron, closely akin to “fake news”.

    Real news of any substance is mostly reported by Reuters and BBC in my opinion.

    None of the cable networks. nor major media stations rarely can be trusted, as they all have a left or right slanted bent on world and/or local political matters.

    1. Infotainment channels show bias as much by the things they leave out or ignore as for the things they cover (often obsessively).

      This is a big reason why blogs, vlogs, and other independent news sources have become so popular: they tend to mention the very things to which left and/or right leaning infotainment outlets would rather not have their viewers exposed but is often crucial information for truly understanding a topic.

  2. Agree that Reuters and BBC report real news and American 24 hour news networks have become video blogs. They typically report 5 mins of news followed by 15 minutes of commentary ‘interpreting’ it and giving the views of the commentators and guests about the news item they just reported on (i.e., editorializing). That’s similar to what we’re doing here and why I want entertaining, opinionated personalities as writers.

    BBC actually does that too, they just do it less than their American counterparts.

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